Kick Your Feet Up, Amanda is Here

Welcome to San Diego! I’m so glad you are here! How have you been liking it so far? Done anything fun? I’m a total freak for wind surfing. You have to check it out. Trust me, you’ll have a blast and there’s just nothing like catching the wind and letting it take you out to the water. There is just so many fun things to do here. I bet you’ll fall in love with it and want to stay here. I know that is what happened to me. Midwestern girl through and through, but the sun, sand and surf keep me here. Maybe I can be what keeps you here. I’m pretty good with my hands. I’ve been training with my hands for a while now, and I just can’t want to show you what I can do.

I Love Giving Massages

Back before I moved to Cali, I studied massage therapy and cosmetology. I couldn’t really determine what I wanted to do, so I just studied both. Eventually I decided to focus completely on giving massages. I just love the way it helps people, I love to hear how people are satisfied with what I do and I’ve always just loved being close to people. Giving a massage is one of the most intimate things you can do for someone, when you think about it. I am literally filling my hand with lotion and rubbing every inch of a person’s body. I have boyfriends who would never have come close to doing that with me (thought something was just wrong with me for a while, but later found out he was gay, so that kind of solved a lot of questions I had).

Here’s the deal though. I am so much more intimate with my clients now, and I want to show you why my San Diego NURU massage is not only one of the best in the city, but probably one of the best you’ll find anywhere. If you’ve never had a NURU massage before, you are in for a bit of a treat. It is unlike anything else you’ve had before. This is the top erotic massage San Diego service you’ll find. NURU is an ancient Asian style of massage that uses another individual’s body heat to loosen up the body and draw stress out of the muscles. Of course, it is going to be my body that produces the heat and rubs onto your body. You might find some other escorts agency San Diego girls who say they offer the service, and sure, they probably will, but it just won’t be the same as what I can do for you.

One Of The Best Rancho Santa Fe escorts

As you probably know, we are both naked during the massage. Not to shabby, right? Well, it gets even better. I use this kind of water-based lubricant that really makes slipping and sliding down one another fun. It also helps you feel all of my body heat, which makes it easier than ever before to experience my own body. You’ll feel every curve of my bust and my butt. You’ll feel when the AC kicks on and my nipples become hard. You’ll feel all of that. But as one of the best Rancho Santa Fe escorts, you’ll quickly discover why I am one of the best and oh so good at what I do. I perfectly expect to see you again when I’m done, you’ll want it that bad again.