Have you heard of ASMR? Do you enjoy watching videos of people doing things in a particular manner or listening to something over and over? Autonomous sensory meridian response gives you a tingling sensation at the base of the neck that radiates down the spine. This gives people extreme pleasure. ASMR can be incorporated into massage for a thrilling experience you want to try again and again. Here is what happens when you hire a sexy woman to provide you with an ASMR massage.

Pick Your Pleasure And Await Her Arrival

To have the ultimate experience, you’ll want to pick out your date yourself. It’s no fun waiting for a blind date to give you a massage. That gives a guy anxiety and you might not get what you want. That would not allow you to feel the sensations we are talking about. For the best session possible, select a date that you find attractive to give you your massage. All it takes is a look at our website where you can browse through our photos of available escorts. When you see one that meets your interest, simply pick up the phone and call us to set up a date with her.

Get Ready For The Process

Your date will arrive at your home or hotel room, dressed to impress. You’ll have a hard time taking your eyes off of this beauty. She will want to get to know you better before she starts the massage process. This can involve going out for a bit to talk. Consider bringing your escort to a restaurant, bar, or club and enjoy yourself before you get the thrill of your life. You will want to learn more about your date and you’ll enjoy the conversation you share. When you feel ready, indicate that you’d like to head back for some one-on-one time….alone.

Lie Down And Get Aroused

Your date will start off by getting unclothed. This might be done with a sultry strip session, or she may just pull everything off and get started right away. You need to be completely nude as well. When you get up on your bed, your date will straddle your body with her own. She will use a series of movements that give you goosebumps and give you that tingling sensation we talked about. It is an erotic feeling and you’ll have difficulty keeping your hands off of your escort. We encourage you to hold off though for the best sensations. She will continue with your legs, backside, neck, arms, and anywhere where erogenous zones are present. This might be done along with soft whispers in your ear to exacerbate the feeling of the massage. It is totally sexual and you’ll love every second. After the massage, we can’t get into detail about what happens next. That is up to you and your date to explore on your own!