Nothing Like a Busty Blonde Beauty Like Brea Offering Erotic Massages

There really is nothing like a big chested blonde to welcome you to San Diego. When you check out Brea there are probably all sorts of fun things you’d like to do with her. Well, hold your horses for just a few minutes. Sure, she’s one of the best and most attractive Coronado escorts out there, but she offers so much more than that. She really is here to give you one hell of a tantra massage San Diego service. When you check out the services she can offer you, you’ll learn several different words you may need to Google before knowing exactly what is going to go down. There’s tantra, NURU and than one you probably already know, erotic.

Have The Steven Spielberg Movies

Alright, so let’s look at some of these words you need to know when booking an escort service in San Diego, especially when the girl you want to spend some time with is the busty Brea. First, there is tantra. You may have heard of tantric before. In order words, it is a long, slow build that increases in intensity and pleasure but it doesn’t just give you the pay off right away. Think of it like a really great movie. You have the Michael Bay movies out there with all the big explosions that take place right away but go nowhere fast and within the first 20 minutes you’re already kind of board. Or, you have the Steven Spielberg movies that slowly build and build, giving you a bit more, a bit more, a bit more, until you receive the payoff at the end, and oh it just feels so good. It is better than you could have possibly imagined it. That is what it is like to receive a tantric massage.

She Will Relive All your Stress

What makes a tantric massage a long burn? After all, if she just rubs your shoulders for two hours you’ll probably end up falling asleep. It is nice and all, but eventually you’ll find it just isn’t doing much for you. Well, this is where the NURU massage comes in. NURU is an ancient Asian massage style that uses a person’s body heat to loosen up the muscles and to relieve tension in your body. It is Brea’s body that will be sharing the heat and, of course, the only real way to have the heat touch your body is for both of you to be naked. Now this is going to make the massage much more interesting and much more entertaining. Of the San Diego escort agency beauties out there, Brea is able to work your body up with her own naked body, help strip the stress away from your muscles just like she strips her close away (feel free to watch and enjoy every minute of it, because watching her strip really is a pleasure). Once she is there and ready to work you up, you’ll already be ready for that big explosion. But don’t worry. Brea is not going to Michael Bay on you. She’s going to Steven Spielberg you.

There really are some fantastic things you can do in San Diego and you should try to do as many as you can while you are in town. You just need to settle on a few of the best to start off, and you better believe Brea is one of the best.