If you are thinking about having a massage in the near future, you may want to consider shedding your outer layers during the session. Not every massage parlor allows for this type of behavior, however, hiring a private escort or masseuse does give you the option to take off your clothing during your relaxing event. Here are some reasons why a massage is better without clothing.

The Chance To Feel Every Touch

When you wear clothing, you will not have the benefit of feeling every touch upon your body. Clothing will act as a barrier between you and your masseuse, making them need to work a bit harder to apply pressure to the areas where you wish to feel pleasure. Without clothing, you will feel all movements without difficulty. This is especially important if you want your masseuse to focus upon your lower back and glute areas.

Your Clothing Will Not Suffer Damage

Most massage parlors and private services use special oils to help lubricate the skin so massage is administered without pulling or pinching. With the use of these oils, your clothing is at risk of damage if it is in the way. Taking off your clothes will salvage your threads so that they do not suffer from discoloration or saturation. Simply leave your clothing in a pile away from your bed or massage table and allow your skin to dry before putting them back on. It is also best to take a shower before your massage so your skin will absorb oils as needed.

Relaxation Comes A Bit Easier

Do you sleep in the buff? Do you enjoy the freedom of not having clothing on during showers or when the weather is exceptionally hot? Many people find that simply taking off their clothes can put them in a relaxed state as there are no restrictive waistbands pressing upon your body, no worry about sweating from thick material, and no pins, buttons, or zippers causing friction as you move around. Take off your clothes and feel the exhilaration of a stress-free session. Each muscle will be exposed to maximum satisfaction in all the right places.

Fantasy And Flirtation Becomes A Reality

Most people find themselves feeling a bit naughty when they have no clothing on at all when another person is present to witness their nudity. This may not be true in a doctor’s office, but when you have a gorgeous woman touching your skin trying to help you relax and feel pleasure, it is tough to keep sexuality out of the way. Let your inhibitions go and run with it! Your masseuse will use the power of persuasion to lift your spirits with gentle touches all over your body. Allow your mind to wander, and she may let her fingers wander as well. What do you have to lose? A pretty woman, peaceful surroundings, and satisfying feelings all over your body are meant to be explored without restrictive clothing in the way. Let loose and enjoy!