There is something to be said about having no clothes on. When in a private setting or with an intimate partner, doing activities without clothing hindering your movements can be gratifying and comfortable. Many people don’t take full advantage of the feelings you can experience by not having material covering their skin. Take the time to try the following activities to boost your relaxation level and help you learn to appreciate your body to the fullest.

Sleep Without Pajamas

If you have never slept in the nude before, you are totally missing out! Slumber is so satisfying when you do not have pajamas, shorts or t-shirts getting in the way. The sheets feel cooler and you can feel the comfort of the material all over your body. If you try this out during the winter months, simply add an extra blanket to your bed so you can keep cozy and warm. Sleeping in the nude is especially satisfying when you have a partner next to you. Skin on skin contact helps with relaxation and you will wake up well-rested and ready to start the day.

Try Some Nude Yoga

Nude yoga is actually becoming very popular, not only in private settings but also in structured groups. If you are not ready to let others watch you do exercises in the buff, start out at home. Try to use a room with a mirror, if possible. Being nude while performing yoga moves with a mirror nearby will help you stay in the right form with each pose that you do. Yoga is naturally relaxing and doing it without restrictive clothing is empowering. If you are a bit bolder, sign up for a class and enjoy being in your birthday suit while doing something good for your body at the same time.

Take Massage To A New Level

Massage is usually conducted in spa-like settings by professionals adept at touching the body so you become relaxed. Many places encourage you to strip down but use a towel to cover your bottom half, moving it from areas of the body being targeted, and then putting it back in place. Forgo the whole towel trick by hiring a personal massage artist instead. Imagine having a stunning woman come to your home or hotel room to give you a massage in private without the need for clothing whatsoever. You can let it all hang out and enjoy the feelings without material getting in the way. The most exciting part of this is that some locations have masseuses available that will strip down with you. Birthday suits for all!

Learn To Love Your Body

When you have a day off from work, make it a priority to spend an entire day, from waking time to sleep time, without clothing on at all. Can you get through the day and night without turning to clothes? A day in the nude will help you become accustomed to your appearance in all types of situations. You’ll learn how to move so that you look your best for yourself and others. Strike a pose and enjoy that exterior to the fullest!