Hello! My name is Kiko and I want to tell you about a fantastic experience I had with a client. Anything that has to do with the water is something I would love to partake in. I recently had a client purchase two tickets on a fancy cruise line for a date away to the Mexican Riviera. I have never been there before, so I was pretty excited about the chance to get away for a few days. Plus there was the excitement of spending the time with someone new. Here’s some more about this wonderful date in case you want to do something extravagant like this with me yourself!

We Wined, Dined, And Danced

Since I had never been on a cruise ship before, I was instantly impressed with the splendor of this majestic vessel and all it had to offer to those traveling upon it. You actually didn’t even feel like you were on a boat at all. It was like a huge resort that had so much to do! My client and I had so many tasty meals that it was very tough to go back to regular living after my trip came to an end. I tried new wines and cocktails, and we had a lot of laughs. The ship had dancing and all sorts of musical entertainment to enjoy. Plus I got to swim as much as I wanted in their beautiful pools. I even sunbathed and took off my top without anyone being the wiser. I just stayed very close to my date just in case someone happened to walk past.

The Destination Was Gorgeous

The Mexican Riviera itself was something I will never, ever forget. What a beautiful place! We enjoyed watching a cliff diving show during the nighttime hours when the entertainers had torches so you could see them as they dove into the water below. I saw my first whale in person! The weather was perfect, and we spent time on a relaxing beach together. I felt as if I was in a true relationship with my client because it was such a romantic area.

Our Room Had A Lot Of Action

While the outdoor area was stunning and the entertainment on the ship was to die for, what happened in our room was even better. We had all the amenities right at our fingertips, and we used it to our advantage. We slept in late and called for room service. We hit that minibar often. We also made great use of the furnishings in the room. My client got so much more out of our time together than he thought possible. Would you like to see a striptease in your room instead of in a seedy establishment? Have you ever wanted a massage given by a nude woman rather than in a stuffy old spa? How about just having someone to converse with and cuddle whenever you wish? I did all those things and so much more! Yes, our room got a workout!