Welcome! I’m Bianca, and I am an escort who is available for dates of all types. I have quite a few clients that enjoy being massaged during their dates, and I want to tell you about my first experience in Nuru. I had heard of it before, but I wasn’t sure about all that it entailed. I ended up making quite a mess. Luckily though, my client had a great sense of humor and just went with it. I have since mastered the Nuru technique if you want to give it a go yourself! I promise you won’t have the experience my first client did!

I Made The Wrong Preparations That Day

I knew I would be giving a Nuru massage before my date began. You would think I would brush up on the necessary actions I would have to take before I got involved. Nope! I went out the night before and pretty much spent my day picking out an outfit to wear to my upcoming date. I didn’t even look up the procedure online before I headed out. Big mistake! I should have at least looked at some photographs, so I would know what I was dealing with before I was put in the position to provide this type of massage…especially since it was a new client!

We Went Out And Got To Know Each Other

I think the fact that we spent some quality time with each other in public before we got to an intimate setting really helped out in making my client comfortable with me. It also helped in making him laugh at the Nuru situation when it happened rather than getting mad at me for not knowing what I was doing. We decided to go to a restaurant to talk and then hit a few nightclubs afterward. We had an absolute blast and I made sure all of my attention was focused solely on my client. He felt like the star everywhere we went, and he was so very happy to show me off to others.

The Massage Was One I’ll Never Forget

When we got back to my client’s hotel room, I encouraged him to strip down to nothing so I could get to giving him his desired massage. I did a striptease for him so that I could bare myself for the procedure as well. I climbed on board but discovered I didn’t have the oil required to slip and slide back and forth across his back. I decided to improvise without him knowing. I excused myself quickly to the bathroom and grabbed the hotel grade shampoo. I slopped it on his back and climbed back on. It really did not work. It was slippery, but it was also frothy. You could see bubbles forming. If anything, I was getting a good cleaning. My client smelled the shampoo and saw it dripping onto the sheets. I guess I used too much. We did get a great laugh out of the experience and decided to keep on going. The shampoo, in the end, did its job. The massage was heavenly and what came afterward was even better!