There is something to be said about having no clothes on. When in a private setting or with an intimate partner, doing activities without clothing hindering your movements can be gratifying and comfortable. Many people don’t take full advantage of the feelings you can experience by not having material covering their skin. Take the time to try the following activities to boost your relaxation level and help you learn to appreciate your body to the fullest.

Sleep Without Pajamas

If you have never slept in the nude before, you are totally missing out! Slumber is so satisfying when you do not have pajamas, shorts or t-shirts getting in the way. The sheets feel cooler and you can feel the comfort of the material all over your body. If you try this out during the winter months, simply add an extra blanket to your bed so you can keep cozy and warm. Sleeping in the nude is especially satisfying when you have a partner next to you. Skin on skin contact helps with relaxation and you will wake up well-rested and ready to start the day. Continue reading

Surprise Your Partner With A The Powerful Touch Of A Couple’s Massage

Most people like surprising their partners with something off the beaten track every once in a while. This keeps the spice in a relationship alive and will also be appreciated by the other party. If you are thinking about treating your partner to a surprise in the near future, consider an exhilarating couples massage. This is a great way to enjoy each other in an intimate setting while receiving a pampering session you will both love.

A couples massage can be as naughty or nice as you wish. Some like to watch their partners get a massage while waiting for their own turn. Others enjoy having a massage from a different masseuse in tandem with their partner. Either way, each party will be able to sit back and relax in a setting where only the one that matters the most to them is present to spectate. Continue reading